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Reporting and handling of infectious diseases and public health emergencies

1、 Service object

The service population within the jurisdiction.

2、 Service content

(1) Risk management of infectious diseases and public health emergencies

Under the guidance of disease prevention and control institutions and other professional institutions, township health centers, village health offices and community health service centers (stations) assist in the risk screening of infectious diseases and public health emergencies, collect and provide risk information, and participate in risk assessment and emergency planning (revision). Public health emergencies refer to the sudden occurrence of major infectious diseases, mass diseases of unknown causes, major food and occupational poisoning and other events that seriously affect public health, which cause or may cause serious damage to public health.

(2) Discovery and registration of infectious diseases and public health emergencies

Township health centers, village clinics and community health service centers (stations) shall fill in outpatient logs, entry/discharge registers, X-ray examination and laboratory test results registers in a standardized manner. The first doctor shall fill in the Report Card of Infectious Diseases of the People's Republic of China as required after finding infectious disease patients and suspected patients in the course of diagnosis and treatment; If it is found or suspected to be a public health emergency, fill in the Public Health Emergency-related Information Report Card as required.

(3) Information report on infectious diseases and public health emergencies

1. Reporting procedures and methods. Institutions with the conditions for direct reporting through the network shall report the information related to infectious diseases and/or public health emergencies through the network within the specified time; If the conditions for direct reporting via network are not met, the report shall be made by telephone, fax and other means according to relevant requirements, and the "Report Card of Infectious Diseases" and/or "Report Card of Information Related to Public Health Emergencies" shall be submitted to the county level disease prevention and control institution under the jurisdiction.

2. Reporting time limit. In case of discovery of pulmonary anthrax, infectious atypical pneumonia, poliomyelitis, highly pathogenic avian influenza patients or suspected patients, or other infectious diseases, unexplained disease outbreaks and public health emergencies among Class A infectious diseases and Class B infectious diseases, the relevant information shall be reported within 2 hours according to relevant requirements. Other patients with Class B and Class C infectious diseases, suspected patients and carriers of infectious diseases that are required to be reported shall be reported within 24 hours.

3. Revised report and supplementary report. In case of any error in the report, or change in the outcome or diagnosis of the reported case, the Infectious Disease Report Card and/or the Public Health Emergency-related Information Report Card shall be revised in time; The missed cases of infectious diseases and public health emergencies should be reported in time.

(4) Treatment of infectious diseases and public health emergencies

1. Medical treatment and management of patients. According to the requirements of relevant regulations, the patients with infectious diseases and suspected patients shall be isolated, medical observation and other measures shall be taken, the injured in public health emergencies shall be given first aid, timely referral shall be made, medical records and other relevant data shall be written and properly kept.

2. Management of persons in close contact with infectious diseases and persons exposed to health hazards. Assist in the tracking and searching of persons exposed to infectious diseases or other health hazards, and provide necessary basic medical and preventive services for centralized or home-based medical observers.

3. Epidemiological investigation. Assist in the epidemiological investigation of patients, suspected patients and public health emergencies within the jurisdiction, and collect and provide relevant information about patients, close contacts and other health hazard exposure personnel.

4. Treatment of epidemic spots and areas. Do a good job in on-site control, disinfection and isolation, personal protection, and treatment of medical waste and sewage in medical institutions. Assist in the sanitary treatment of the contaminated places and carry out the work of killing insects and rats.

5. Emergency vaccination and preventive medication. Assist in emergency vaccination, preventive medicine, emergency medicine and protective equipment distribution, and provide guidance.

6. Publicity and education. According to the nature and characteristics of infectious diseases and public health emergencies in the jurisdiction, carry out publicity and education of relevant knowledge, skills, laws and regulations.

(5) Assist the superior professional prevention and control institutions to do a good job in the publicity, guidance and service of tuberculosis and AIDS patients, as well as the treatment and management of non hospitalized patients. Refer to the relevant regulations for relevant technical requirements.

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