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Laboratory department

The laboratory of the laboratory is established in accordance with the national laboratory accreditation standards and the requirements of the secondary hospital. The laboratory has introduced advanced instruments and equipment such as automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic five-classification blood cell analyzer, automatic electrolyte analyzer, automatic blood rheometer, ESR analyzer, 14 urine analyzers, immunofluorescence analyzer, electric thermostatic incubator, biosafety cabinet, clean work bench, computer washer, enzyme label analyzer, coagulation analyzer, OLYMPUS microscope, etc. In order to meet the needs of clinicians and patients, more than 300 routine testing items were carried out: liver function series, kidney function series, blood lipid series, diabetes series, myocardial series, thyroid function series, inflammation series, prenatal diagnosis series, sex hormone series, venereal disease series, tumor marker series, etc.
The inspection department has professional inspection technicians and advanced inspection equipment, which can provide timely and accurate inspection reports. We will keep pace with the times and continue to develop to provide patients and clinicians with accurate, objective and timely experimental diagnosis basis and serve the people.

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