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1、 Service object

Children aged 0-6 and other key groups within the jurisdiction.

2、 Service content

(1) Vaccination management

1. Timely establish vaccination certificates, vaccination cards and other children's vaccination files for all 0-6 years old children living in the jurisdiction for 3 months.

2. Inform the child guardian of the type, time, place and relevant requirements of vaccination by appointment, notice, telephone, SMS, network, radio and other appropriate methods. In remote mountainous areas, islands, pastoral areas and other areas with inconvenient transportation, the way of household tour can be adopted for vaccination.

3. Check and sort out the vaccination cards of children in the responsible area once every six months.

(2) Vaccination

According to the vaccination procedure of the National Immunization Program, children of appropriate age are routinely vaccinated. In some provinces, key populations were vaccinated against hemorrhagic fever. Emergency vaccination of anthrax vaccine and leptospiral vaccine should be carried out for high-risk groups in key areas. According to the needs of infectious disease control, carry out intensive immunization, mass vaccination and emergency vaccination against hepatitis B, measles, polio and other vaccines.

1. Work before vaccination. The vaccination staff should check the children's vaccination certificate (card, book) or electronic file before vaccination, check the name, sex, date of birth and vaccination record of the recipient, and determine the target of this vaccination and the type of vaccination. Inquire about the health status of the recipient and whether there is any vaccination taboo, and inform the recipient or its guardian of the variety, function, taboo, adverse reactions and precautions of the vaccine, which can be in the form of written or (and) oral notification, and truthfully record the notification and inquiry.

2. Work during vaccination. The vaccination staff shall check and verify the name of the recipient, vaccination certificate, vaccination certificate and the vaccine variety of this vaccination again during the vaccination operation. After verification, the vaccination shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of vaccination month (year) age, vaccination site, vaccination route, safe injection, etc. specified in the Code for Vaccination Work.

3. Work after vaccination. Inform the child guardian that the recipient should observe in the observation room for 30 minutes after inoculation. Record the vaccination certificate and card (book) in time after vaccination, and make an appointment with the child guardian about the type, time and place of the next vaccination. If conditions permit, enter the computer and conduct network report.

(3) Treatment of suspected abnormal reaction of vaccination

In case of any suspected abnormal reaction of vaccination, the vaccination personnel shall handle and report in accordance with the requirements of the National Monitoring Plan for Suspected Abnormal Reaction of Vaccination.

3、 Service process

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