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Outpatient and emergency department

The outpatient and emergency department of our hospital is a second-level clinical department with multi-disciplinary specialties, which is responsible for the medical tasks of emergency and pre-hospital first aid. It has internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics and other diagnosis and treatment departments, including 2 chief doctors, 2 deputy chief doctors, 2 attending doctors and 3 resident doctors; 8 nursing staff; All medical and nursing personnel have received systematic training, and have strong cooperative response ability for poisoning, shock, sudden death, etc. caused by various reasons. They are a united and well-trained team.  

Human-oriented is the guideline of outpatient and emergency department. The department has emergency rescue room, consulting room, emergency observation bed, injection room, infusion room, etc. It is equipped with rescue equipment such as ventilator, defibrillator monitor, multi-parameter ECG monitor, gastric lavage machine and sputum aspirator.

The outpatient and emergency department is equipped with 120 ambulances, which is one of the 120 emergency network service units in Jinpu New Area. It has a complete modern emergency medical service system (EMSS) and undertakes the pre-hospital emergency and transfer work in its jurisdiction.

All medical staff in the outpatient and emergency department will provide medical services with a high sense of responsibility to meet the growing health needs of the people!

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