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The Stomatology Department of our hospital is a professional department with complete facilities and strong technical force in Jinshitan area, with advanced diagnosis and treatment technology and modern advanced equipment in the area. The department has such specialties as oral medicine, oral surgery and prosthodontics. At present, there are 9 medical staff, 1 with senior professional title, 3 with intermediate professional title, 1 with doctor's degree and 5 with master's degree. It receives nearly 10000 patients with oral diseases at home and abroad every year.

The department now has 5 dental comprehensive treatment chairs, vacuum oral special disinfection cabinet, X-ray machine, digital oral endoscope, root canal therapy instrument, ultrasonic and sandblasting dental cleaner, light curing machine, cold light tooth whitening instrument and a series of advanced oral special equipment. Use international standard disinfection standards, aseptic operation, one person one dental drill and disposable equipment to eliminate cross infection of bacteria.

Diagnosis and treatment items:

Oral medicine: resin cosmetic repair of tooth defects, microscopic root canal therapy of calcified root canals, sandblasting and ultrasonic scaling, various tooth discoloration and whitening treatment, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases and treatment of common oral mucosal diseases.

Prosthodontics: all kinds of veneers, inlays, porcelain fused teeth, all-ceramic teeth, invisible dentures, removable dentures, precision attachment dentures, implant denture superstructure repair and occlusal reconstruction repair treatment.

Oral surgery: emergency treatment of maxillofacial trauma, extraction of various complex teeth and impacted teeth, alveolar surgery, resection of oral and maxillofacial cysts, correction of labio-lingual frenulum deformity, treatment of salivary gland disease and temporomandibular joint disease, etc.

Children's dentistry: pit and fissure sealing, prevention and treatment of deciduous tooth caries, transparent crown and pre-crown restoration of deciduous tooth defects, diagnosis and treatment of pulpal disease and periapical disease of deciduous teeth, treatment of early loss of deciduous teeth and retention of deciduous teeth.

The Stomatology Department of Jinshitan Hospital is willing to serve you wholeheartedly with strict disinfection and professional technology!

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