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Hemodialysis room

The hemodialysis room of Dalian Jinshitan Hospital is about to open, with 20 dialysis beds and 20 hemodialysis machines, including 1 hemodialysis filter and 1 continuous bedside blood filter. It can carry out hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, hemodialysis filtration, continuous bedside hemofiltration and other treatment projects; Individualized treatment mode can be carried out for special patients, such as elderly patients, diabetes patients and patients with cardiac dysfunction.

Environment: The layout of the dialysis room is reasonable and comfortable, the functional areas are complete, and the treatment environment is quiet and clean;

Medical treatment: The medical staff are skilled, conscientious and responsible, strictly implement the disinfection and isolation system, evaluate the dialysis effect according to the patient's laboratory indicators, and formulate a treatment plan to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the patient's blood purification treatment.

Service: adhere to the "people-oriented" full-process service concept, and create a warm and healthy paradise for patients with love, care and patience.

The hemodialysis room is willing to create a warm and comfortable treatment environment for dialysis patients. With superb treatment and nursing technology, each dialysis patient can get good treatment, healthy psychological state, enjoy high-quality quality of life, and let more patients return to society.

Indications for treatment: acute renal injury, uremia, acute pulmonary edema, electrolyte disorder syndrome, metabolic acidosis, massive ascites, acute drug poisoning, etc.

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