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Radiology department

The Department of Radiation Imaging of our hospital is led by the senior physician Wang Qing. The department is equipped with large-scale high-precision equipment such as Philips multi-slice spiral CT, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), DR radiodiagnosis instrument, bone density tester, etc. The department is good at precision general and CT. , intervention, MR diagnosis.
The Radiology Imaging Division is a well-trained, skilled, experienced and highly responsible professional technical team that provides imaging routines and special examinations for all parts and organs of the body; for inpatient, emergency, and medical examinations. Excellent service and accurate and comprehensive imaging diagnosis for clinical departments, providing a reliable basis for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases.
The Department of Radiology and Imaging of our hospital has established good cooperative relations with digital medical enterprises such as Neusoft Medical, Elephant Medical, and Medical International, which are well-known domestic top 500 enterprises. It can conduct telemedicine imaging expert consultation in the hospital and provide follow-up perfect treatment plans. The Telemedicine Imaging Cooperative Hospital includes domestic top 100 hospitals and 100 nationally renowned experts to provide a more comprehensive and sound medical security platform for patients in our hospital.

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