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Since its establishment, the ophthalmology department of our hospital has continuously introduced ophthalmologists and internationally advanced instruments and equipment to provide complete treatment and services for patients with ophthalmopathy.
Main diagnosis and treatment items:
It can carry out the treatment of conjunctival diseases, corneal diseases, fundus diseases, cataracts, diabetes eye diseases, glaucoma, fundus diseases, children's squint and amblyopia, myopia, eye rehabilitation, medical optometry and glasses, presbyopia, astigmatism, eye trauma and other special ophthalmic treatments. We have cooperated with Ho's ophthalmology for a long time to achieve a treatment system integrating prevention, treatment and surgery, and provide high-quality medical services for patients.
Operations that can be carried out by the department:
Correction of upper and lower eyelid entropion, probing of lacrimal passage, removal of superficial tumor, excision of wheat granuloma, double eyelid surgery, correction of eyelid ectropion, correction of eyelid ptosis, correction of eyelid skin relaxation, etc.
Service philosophy:
Based on the principle of "people-oriented and patient-centered", all medical staff will serve patients wholeheartedly, give full play to their technical advantages, strive to create an effective treatment environment for patients, help every friend recover as soon as possible, and return your bright visual experience!

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