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The optometry rehabilitation base of Jinzhou Medical University provides medical optometry, professional optometry, and professional services for medical optometry, optometry training, myopia prevention and control, lens matching, contact lens fitting, correction of various refractive errors, and presbyopia correction.
The optometry rehabilitation base of Jinzhou Medical University has an experienced vision rehabilitation training team, equipped with domestic advanced optometry inspection equipment, such as multi-functional amblyopia and myopia comprehensive treatment instrument, slit ruler, myopia/hyperopia training instrument, multi-functional optometry combination instrument, automatic computer optometry, slit lamp, multi-functional optometry projector, etc.
Ordinary optometry with glasses is computer optometry, which belongs to objective optometry. The inspection method and equipment are relatively simple. However, inaccurate optometry often increases the burden of eye use after optometry, resulting in continuous decline of vision, and even causes astigmatism, amblyopia, strabismus and other phenomena.
In addition to accurately understanding the basic data such as diopter, astigmatism and axial position, medical optometry must also check its adjustment force, binocular vision balance, binocular monocular function, main eye discrimination, etc., and finally issue a scientific optometry prescription before medical optometry can be carried out to achieve the purpose of long-term reading and eye health care. In addition, an important purpose of medical optometry is that it must be checked by a professional ophthalmologist to eliminate all eye diseases other than refractive errors, especially the possibility of irrecoverable and hidden vision killing eye diseases such as glaucoma. In developed countries, glasses must be medical optometry.
The time rehabilitation base of Jinzhou Medical University carries out pediatric medical optometry, multifocal progressive fitting, eye function adjustment, juvenile visual function rehabilitation training, low vision assistance, etc., to provide high-quality visual health services for the refractive population.
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