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Rehabilitation department

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Dalian Jinshitan Hospital is a multifunctional clinical discipline integrating Chinese and Western medicine and sports rehabilitation.
There are exercise therapy area, occupational therapy area, speech - swallowing treatment room and child cerebral palsy room. It can carry out modern rehabilitation treatment projects such as PT training, OT training, ST training, suspension system training, electric stand up bed training, etc; Traditional rehabilitation programs such as acupuncture, massage, moxibustion, bloodletting therapy, cupping and scraping can be carried out; It can carry out physical factor treatment projects such as low-frequency therapy, microwave therapy, mud therapy, wax therapy and traditional Chinese medicine fumigation.
Scientific and complete rehabilitation programs can provide rehabilitation treatment for patients with stroke, brain injury, brain tumor, cerebral palsy, various spinal cord diseases, bone and joint diseases and various peripheral nerve diseases.

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