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I. service objects
District 0-6 years old children and other key groups.
II. Service content
(1) administration of vaccination
1. Timely establish vaccination certificate, vaccination card and other childhood vaccination files for all children aged 0 to 6 who have lived in the jurisdiction for 3 months.
2. Inform the children's guardians of the type, time, place and relevant requirements of vaccination by using appropriate means such as appointment, notification, telephone, mobile phone SMS, network and broadcast notification. In remote mountainous areas, islands, pastoral areas and other areas with inconvenient transportation, household itinerant vaccination can be adopted.
3. Check and sort out the vaccination CARDS of children in the responsibility area every six months.
(2) vaccination
Children of the right age are routinely vaccinated according to the vaccine immunization procedures of the national immunization programme. Haemorrhagic fever vaccines will be given to priority groups in some provinces. Emergency vaccination of anthrax vaccine and hook body vaccine shall be conducted in key areas for high-risk groups. According to the needs of controlling infectious diseases, we will carry out intensive immunization, mass vaccination and emergency vaccination against hepatitis b, measles, polio and other vaccines.
1. Pre-vaccination work. Inoculation staff should check the child vaccination certificate (card, thin) or electronic archives before the inoculation of children, check the name, sex, date of birth and vaccination record of the recipient, determine the target of the inoculation, the variety of vaccination. To inquire about the health status of the recipient and whether there are vaccination contraindications, etc., and to inform the recipient or his guardian of the varieties, effects, contraindications, adverse reactions and matters needing attention of the vaccine inoculated, the form of written or/and oral notification shall be adopted, and the information of notification and inquiry shall be truthfully recorded.
2. Vaccination work. The inoculation staff shall check and verify the name of the recipient, the vaccination certificate, the vaccination certificate and the vaccine varieties of this inoculation again during the inoculation operation, and shall strictly follow the requirements of the inoculation month (year) age, the inoculation site, the inoculation route and the safe injection as stipulated in the "standards of inoculation work".
3. Work after vaccination. Inform the child's guardian that the recipient should remain in the observation room for 30 minutes after inoculation. Make an appointment with the child's guardian for the type, time and place of the next vaccination. Conditional area entry and network reporting.
(3) handling of suspected abnormal reaction to vaccination
In case of suspected abnormal vaccination response, vaccinators shall handle and report it in accordance with the requirements of the national suspected vaccination abnormal reaction monitoring program.
III. Service process



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