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Health Management Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

"TCM constitution identification and health management system" classifies the health status of the elderly by TCM constitution, and gives TCM health care guidance according to different constitutions, which can effectively improve their health status. Through the guidance of children's TCM diet and nursing, daily life and so on, and the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine health care methods, such as acupoint massage, abdominal rubbing and kneading, can improve children's health, promote children's growth and development, and better play the role of TCM in maintaining health and preventing diseases.
Service items:
TCM health guidance for children aged 0-6 years old:
Health guidance of traditional Chinese medicine for pregnant and lying-in women;
TCM health intervention for hypertensive patients;
TCM health intervention for diabetic patients;
Health education of traditional Chinese medicine.
TCM health management service for the elderly
TCM health guidance for the elderly: TCM health guidance for the elderly with different constitutions is provided in aspects of emotional health care, diet health care, daily life care, sports health care and acupoint health care.
I. service objects
Residents aged 65 or above living in the jurisdiction.
II. Service content
1. Do TCM constitution identification once a year for the aged 65 years and above;
2. Inform residents of the results of TCM constitution recognition;
3. Individualized TCM health guidance according to different physical conditions. The content includes:
(1) found already diagnosed hypertension and diabetes patients were included in the "hypertension health intervention of traditional Chinese medicine", "diabetes health intervention of traditional Chinese medicine".
(2) to the existence of traditional Chinese medicine biased health residents to carry out targeted health care guidance.
(3) to inform the elderly residents of daily psychological conditioning, diet conditioning, daily living conditioning, sports health care and other health care methods.
4. Put it in a health record.
III. Service process
(1) the elderly aged 65 or above
Table 1 process chart of TCM constitution identification service specifications for the aged 65 years and above
Health Management Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

0 ~ 36 months Chinese medicine health management service for children
According to the children's age of month, provide specific Chinese medicine diet and nursing, daily living guidance, common point massage, abdominal rubbing, kneading and other Chinese medicine health care methods. ;
I. service objects
Live within the jurisdiction of 0 ~ 36 months of children.
II. Service content
In view of the major health problems of children from 0 to 36 months old, children's parents and childminders were given TCM nursing guidance for children at the ages of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months old.
1. Provide dietary and nursing guidance for parents or caregivers;
2. Provide guidance to parents or caregivers on children's daily activities;
3. Teach Chinese medicine techniques of abdominal massage and chiropractic to parents or nurses in June and December;
4. Teach parents or nurses the skills of rubbing lung channels (or yingxiang acupoint) and rubbing feet in 18 and 24 months;
5. Teach parents or nurses the skill of kneading sishencong acupoints at 30 and 36 months;
6. Dispensing health education prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine;
7. Put it in a health record.
III. Service process
Table 2 standard flow chart of TCM nursing service for children from 0 to 36 months


Health Management Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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