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Health Education

I. service objects
Residents of the district.
II. Service content
Contents of health education
1. Publicize and popularize health literacy of Chinese citizens -- basic knowledge and skills (trial). Cooperate with relevant departments to promote citizens' health literacy.
2. Provide health education to young people, women, the elderly, the disabled, parents of children aged 0-6, migrant workers and other groups.
3. Carry out health education on healthy lifestyle and risk factors such as reasonable diet, weight control, proper exercise, psychological balance, improved sleep, salt restriction, tobacco control, alcohol restriction, drug dependence control and drug rehabilitation.
4. Carry out health education on key diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma, breast and cervical cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, AIDS, influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, rabies and brucella.
5. Carry out health education on public health issues such as food safety, occupational hygiene, radiological hygiene, environmental hygiene, drinking water hygiene, family planning and school hygiene.
6. Carry out health education such as emergency response to public health emergencies, disaster prevention and reduction, and family first aid.
7. Publicize and popularize medical and health laws, regulations and relevant policies.

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