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International Nurses' Day -- a letter of sympathy from Dai Jingjie, president of Dalian Jinshitan Hospital, to the nurses in the hospital


Dear nurse brothers and sisters

On the occasion of the 109th International Nurses Day, on behalf of the hospital leadership and the staff of the hospital, I would like to extend my holiday congratulations and cordial condolences to the dear nurse brothers and sisters, and to extend my high respect and heartfelt thanks to the angels in white who work day and night in the clinical front line and silently contribute to the health of the masses!

Nursing work is ordinary and sacred, and nursing career is glorious and great. Over the years, the nursing staff in the hospital have always adhered to the concept of serving the people's health wholeheartedly, followed Nightingale's oath of "wholeheartedly assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, and work for the welfare of the sick", vigorously carried forward the humanitarian spirit of rescuing the dead and curing the wounded, worked tirelessly and night in nursing posts, raced against time, competed with disease, and escorted life, and made extraordinary achievements in ordinary work posts.

"Love is on the left, compassion is on the right, walking on both sides of life, planting seeds and flowering at any time, so that pedestrians who wear branches and brush leaves can walk on thorns without feeling pain, and have tears to fall, but it is not sad." This sentence of Bingxin is the best annotation for nursing work.

When the COVID-19 occurred, it was your white clothes, retrograde expedition, and unwavering commitment to the first line of pre screening triage, epidemic prevention and control. You expressed your family feelings with full blood, and demonstrated your responsibility and responsibility with practical actions. History will never forget!

When the patient is in deep pain, it is your original intention, mission, perseverance and gentle care to build the Great Wall of Steel to ensure the health and life safety of the people - the motherland will not forget!

When the lights of the whole family reunite, it is you who stick to your post, make no regrets and dedication, and make a perfect interpretation of the "angel in white" with practical actions day and night, regardless of heat or cold. You are the "most lovely person" in the new era - people will not forget!

The theme of this year's Nurses' Day in China is "pay tribute to the nurse team and work together to overcome the epidemic". At present, the global COVID-19 is still spreading, and the epidemic in our city has entered the stage of normalized prevention and control. The pressure of external prevention input and internal prevention rebound is still great.

I sincerely wish the nursing staff in the hospital a happy holiday, good health, smooth work and happy family!

Dai Jingjie, President of Dalian Jinshitan Hospital

May 12, 2020

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