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Twenty-four solar terms regimen - heat treatment


There are three periods of heat treatment: the first is when the eagle is the sacrificial bird, the second is when the heaven and earth begin to be silent, and the third is when the grass begins to ascend.



Introduction to solar terms

"The eagle is a sacrificial bird". It said that the eagle sensed the solemn atmosphere of autumn from this day, began to hunt, and displayed its prey as a sacrifice, which the ancients called "righteous act";

"The beginning of the world" means "clearing up". The weather will be cleared because of "clearing up". After clearing up, it will bring a bleak atmosphere;

Summer is also the harvest season. Grain is all kinds of grain. After the weather is eliminated, the crops will harvest. Maturity is called "Deng".

Solar folklore

O River lamp

O Fishing Festival

O Sacrifice the ancestors and welcome the autumn

O Worship the land master

O Eat duck

O decocted herbal tea

1、 Common sense of heat treatment and health preservation

keep early hours

Nourishing kidney and liver, eat more salt

Drink more water to get rid of autumn dryness

Eat porridge to replenish water and moisten dryness

Drink more honey water and eat less ginger

Ventilated and ventilated, add clothes in the morning and evening

Protect intestines and nourish stomach

keep early hours

The heat treatment season is in an alternate period from heat to cool. The natural yang qi tends to converge from laxity, and the rise and fall of yin and yang qi in the human body also changes. At this time, people's daily life should be adjusted accordingly, especially enough sleep. It is better to sleep for one hour more than usual, because only in this way can we adapt to autumn fatigue.

Nourishing kidney and liver, eat more salt

In terms of diet, it should benefit the kidney, nourish the liver, moisten the lung and nourish the stomach. On the diet, you should eat more salty food, such as water chestnut, pueraria, pueraria, etc.

From the point of view of health preservation, the Chinese solar term is suitable for eating heat-clearing and tranquilizing foods, such as tremella, lily, lotus seed, honey, yellow croaker, scallop, kelp, jellyfish, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk, but these foods should not be too much at one time, so as to eat less and eat more.

Drink more water to get rid of autumn dryness

It is suggested to drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning, which can make the whole digestive system wake up, the intestines start to wriggle, and you will want to go to the toilet, and of course you will not be constipated; But never drink cold water, because people's stomach likes to be warm and cold. Drinking more water below room temperature is harmful to health.

Eat porridge to replenish water and moisten dryness

Lily porridge, white fungus porridge, almond porridge, lotus seed porridge, nut porridge and sesame paste are all good healthy breakfast. Traditional Chinese medicine reminds that the elderly, the weak and weak, or the people who feel obviously uncomfortable every winter, should start to recuperate and maintain their body from the autumn, drink more water and eat more nourishing and moist food to strengthen the body's resistance.

Drink more honey and eat less ginger

Appropriate amount for diabetics.

Ventilate and wear clothes in the morning and evening

In the summer season, it is the early autumn, and the heat is not yet exhausted. At this time, it is not advisable to add clothes too early. It is subject to the feeling of not being cold, so as to improve the adaptability of the body to the low temperature environment. Of course, "autumn freezing" also varies from person to person. The elderly and children have weak resistance, decreased metabolic function, slow blood circulation, fear of cold and heat, and are very sensitive to weather changes, so they should add or remove clothes in time.

Protect intestines and nourish stomach

Eat on time, eat less bad oil and eat soft food. The food with the least burden on the stomach and intestines is the delicate food rich in starch and with less anti-nutritional factors. Such as yam paste, taro paste, potato paste, rice porridge, millet porridge, etc. Old corn with too much residue is not suitable for people with indigestion.

2、 Reference Recipe

Sesame spinach

[Ingredients] 500g of fresh spinach, 15g of cooked sesame, and an appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil and monosodium glutamate.

[Practice] Remove the roots of spinach, wash it, boil it in a boiling pot, remove it and soak it in cold water, cool it, remove it and dry it, cut it into sections, put it into a plate, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, stir it evenly, and then sprinkle sesame seeds on spinach.


Mixed Tofu with Green Pepper

[Ingredients] 1 piece of bean curd, 3 pieces of green pepper, 10 grams of coriander, and an appropriate amount of sesame oil, salt, and monosodium glutamate.

[Practice] Tofu is scalded thoroughly with boiling water, removed and cooled, and cut into 1cm square cubes. Blanch the green pepper with boiling water, chop it, and mince the coriander. Stir the bean curd, green pepper, coriander, sesame oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. evenly, and put them into the plate.



Lily and lotus seed soup

[Ingredients] 100g dry lily, 75g dry lotus seed, 75g rock sugar.

[Practice] Rinse lily after soaking overnight. Soak the lotus seeds for 4 hours and rinse them. Put the lily and lotus seeds into a clear water pot, boil them in high heat, add rock sugar, and cook them in low heat for 40 minutes before eating.




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