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24 Solar Terms Regimen | Beginning of Autumn


Beginning of Autumn

(Liu Han)

The crow crows scatter the jade screen, and a pillow cools the wind.

There is no place to find in autumn when sleeping, and the full steps of wutong are in the moonlight.

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The heat has not dissipated, the moon is bright as water, and the autumn wind is beginning to blow into the sleeves and feel cool. The beginning of autumn is the 13th of the 24 solar terms. There are three seasons in the beginning of autumn, one is the cool wind. The second time, the white dew fell. Three days later, cold cicadas chirped. After the beginning of autumn, the temperature drop is not immediate. The weather gradually turns cool and the temperature difference in the morning and evening gradually increases. When the seasons change, we should make adjustments in food, drink and daily life.


Diet - stick autumn fat


1. Don't overeat

2. Eat less stimulating food

3. Don't eat too raw and cold (eat less watermelon, pear and cucumber)

4. Eat some cool and refreshing food properly

5. Avoid too dry food (less fried food)

Sticking autumn fat ≠ vigorous supplement If you supplement too much at one time, it will increase the burden on the spleen, stomach and liver, and make the temporarily weak digestive organs unable to cope, causing digestive system disorder.

Sticking autumn fat ≠ randomly replenishing without disease Everyone's physical condition is different, and the food and medicine that need to be replenished will also be different. If there is no disease, it will break the balance of the body. You should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment and follow the doctor's advice.

Sticking autumn fat ≠ must eat meat and the spleen and stomach have not fully recovered in autumn. Eating more meat is easy to cause indigestion and thus induce disease. It is suggested to pay attention to the balance of nutrition, and fresh fruits and vegetables should not be ignored.

Not suitable for people with autumn fat

★ People with solid heat, damp heat and heavy phlegm.

★ Patients with spleen deficiency.

★ The stomach is strong.

★ The digestive ability is weak, and there is often stagnation in the stomach.

Sticking autumn fat at the beginning of autumn is not only a custom, but also a kind of energy recovery. The dietetic chef of Dalian Jinshitan Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Building also recommended seasonal dishes for everyone.

1、 Steamed Perch

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2、 Spare Ribs Soup with White Gourd

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3、 Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable

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4、 Beef brisket with tomato

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5、 Special beer duck

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Living part - mental recuperation


According to traditional Chinese medicine, in autumn and March, Yin Qi begins to rise, so go to bed early and get up early.

So it is reasonable to sleep early and get up early in the daily life, and strengthen the sleep time at night, which is just to compensate for the lack of sleep in summer. After the beginning of autumn, the weather will gradually turn cool. It is not suitable to turn on the air conditioner 24 hours in the home environment, especially at night. Try to use less air conditioner. The windows can be opened frequently for ventilation in the cool hours of the morning and evening to circulate air and keep the indoor air fresh.

After the beginning of the autumn, the spirit recuperation should achieve inner peace, mental tranquility, and ease of mind. Do not be sad or sad to adapt to the calm atmosphere of autumn.

In autumn, when the weather is dry and the things are dry, people tend to feel irritable and unstable, which can easily lead to psychological diseases such as depression. We must maintain a cheerful temperament, make ourselves happy, communicate with others more, and treat everything calmly. Only in this way can we prevent ourselves from entering the psychological shadow of depression.

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