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Twenty-four Solar Terms Regimen: Beginning of Autumn Regimen


At 21:30:34 on August 7, autumn began.

The beginning of autumn means the beginning of the cool season. However, in the dog days, the weather is still very hot, and heatstroke prevention is still necessary. However, the beginning of autumn is always a sign of entering autumn. After the beginning of autumn, the natural Yang Qi gradually decreases and the Yin Qi gradually grows, which is also a transitional period when the Yin and Yang metabolism of the human body appears to disappear and grow. Therefore, the principle of health preservation in autumn is to maintain the income of people who drink, eat, live, and exercise.

1. Living and recuperation

In autumn, we should "lie down early and get up early, and have fun with chickens". Lie early to conform to the convergence of yang qi, rise early to stretch the lung qi and prevent too much convergence.

The beginning of autumn is the beginning of autumn. The heat is not over. Although there is a cool wind, the weather is changeable. Even in the same area, there will be "four seasons in one day, and different days in ten miles". Therefore, it is not appropriate to wear too much clothes, otherwise it will affect the body's ability to adapt to the cold weather, and it is easy to catch cold.

"Sleepy in spring and tired in autumn and sleepy in summer" is not only sleepy after the beginning of autumn, but also makes people feel tired and unable to lift their spirits. We should avoid the phenomenon of autumn fatigue, keep enough sleep, exercise properly, and exercise step by step.  

2. Mental recuperation

In autumn, people not only have the joy of harvest, but also have the feeling of loss that "the sunset is infinitely good, just near dusk".

Therefore, in the process of spiritual recuperation, we should be calm, calm, and in a good mood. We should never be sad or sad. Even if we encounter sad things, we should take the initiative to eliminate them to avoid the atmosphere of annihilation. At the same time, we should also restrain our air to adapt to the calm atmosphere of autumn.

3. Diet and recuperation

"Suwen · The Chronology of the Zang Qi Method" said: "The lung governs autumn... the lung converges, and the acid is used urgently to harvest it, and the acid is used to supplement it, and the pungent is used to purge it." The sour flavor converges the lung qi, and the pungent flavor diffuses to purge the lung. The autumn harvest should not be dispersed, so try to eat less pungent products such as onions and ginger, and eat more sour fruits and vegetables appropriately.

In autumn, dry qi is in season, which is easy to hurt body fluid. The diet should be nourishing yin and moistening the lung. Sesame, glutinous rice, japonica rice, honey, loquat, pineapple, dairy and other soft foods can be properly consumed to benefit the stomach, nourish the lung and produce fluid.

Pay attention to supplement vitamins and trace elements, and eat more light food.  

4. Exercise recuperation

Autumn is a good time for exercise. Everyone can choose according to the situation, such as Taijiquan, yoga, swimming, stretching, fast walking, jogging, climbing stairs, roller skating, rope skipping, kicking shuttlecock, play badminton, etc.


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