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Disease prevention tips in August



In the golden autumn of August, the beautiful high temperature in Dalian has not dissipated. In addition to trying to dissipate the heat, we also need to do a good job in preventing accidental injury!

Foodborne diseases, mosquito-borne diseases, rabies, acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, heat stroke, swimming drowning and hand, foot and mouth disease.

These are all unknown aspects in August, but they are also important aspects that we need to focus on. The editor will lead you to understand these diseases and tell you how to prevent them~

foodborne diseases


Wash hands frequently and eat cooked food

Foodborne diseases refer to infectious and toxic diseases caused by pathogenic factors in food entering the human body. Common diseases include cholera, typhoid fever, bacterial dysentery, food poisoning, etc.

The main clinical manifestations are abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Some cases may be accompanied by fever, fatigue and other symptoms.

We should pay attention to the hygiene of drinking water and diet, keep good diseases from the mouth, and do not eat unsanitary, spoiled food; Separate raw and cooked food; Wash hands before meals; In case of similar symptoms, go to the hospital in time.




Mosquito-borne diseases


Do a good job in mosquito control

Summer is the peak season of mosquito activity. Mosquitoes can transmit many infectious diseases, including epidemic encephalitis B, malaria, dengue fever, etc.

How to effectively prevent mosquito-borne diseases?

1. Make full use of mosquito nets, repellents and insecticides;

2. Do a good job in environmental sanitation, eliminate accumulated water, fill up depressions and eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes;

3. Immunization of JE and other related vaccines.






Can be prevented but not cured



In summer, the weather is sultry and dogs tend to be irritable, which is the season of high incidence of animal injuries and increases the risk of rabies.

To prevent rabies, we should pay attention to:

► Don't have too close contact with cats, dogs and other pets, especially don't let pets lick people's mouth, eyes and other mucous membranes.

► Improve self-protection awareness, care for stray pets, pay attention to the risk of rabies, do not touch strange dogs and cats, and avoid being bitten by them.

► If you are bitten, scratched or licked by dogs, cats and other animals, you should immediately wash the wound with soap and water, and go to the dog injury clinic for vaccination.





Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis


Pay attention to eye hygiene




Summer and autumn are the high incidence periods of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (commonly known as red eye disease). The clinical manifestations are conjunctival edema, hyperemia, with foreign body sensation, tears, eye pain and other symptoms. It is mainly transmitted through patients' eye secretions - hands - healthy eyes or patients' eye secretions - contaminated substances - healthy eyes.

How to do a good job of prevention?

★ Pay attention to personal hygiene and don't rub your eyes with your hands. Individual towels, washbasins and handkerchiefs should be used separately.

★ If a family member is ill, all appliances should be used separately. After contacting the patient, use 75% ethanol to disinfect the hands.

★ Patients should consciously avoid entering public places or participating in social activities, and have treatment and rest at home.

★ Daily disinfection work should be done in public places such as swimming pools and childcare institutions.








High temperature and heatstroke prevention

Prevention of injury in summer vacation


In August, when there is continuous high temperature, workers in the open air or high temperature environment must strengthen ventilation and cooling measures, reasonably adjust the working hours, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and be careful to prevent the occurrence of high temperature heatstroke.

In addition, August is the summer vacation time for students. We should strengthen the summer safety education for children and teenagers to avoid drowning accidents when swimming and swimming, pay attention to traffic safety and prevent other accidental injuries.




Hand-foot-mouth disease

Pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the epidemic

August is still in the season of high incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease, which is prone to cluster disease in nurseries and schools.

Precautions should be kept in mind:

● Wash hands frequently, eat cooked food, drink boiled water, ventilate frequently, and dry clothes and quilts.

● Parents should teach their children to develop a good sense of hygiene habits from childhood, block fece-oral transmission and avoid respiratory tract infection. Pay attention to children's personal hygiene, do not touch dirty toys, wash hands after urinating, and cover up mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.


● Parents of children with hand-foot-mouth disease should inform the childcare institutions where the children are located in time to prevent further spread of the epidemic.  

● Child care institutions should strengthen morning examination, early detection and early isolation of sick children.

● Inoculation of EV71 HFMD vaccine can effectively reduce the incidence rate of HFMD caused by EV71 virus.

In August, the human body consumes a lot. The high temperature, high heat and rain in nature make all kinds of goods easy to mildew, and mosquitoes breed, which is very easy to infect diseases.

Dalian Jinshitan Hospital reminds you that you should do a good job of mental recuperation, replenish water for your body in time, focus on clearing and replenishing food, pay attention to strengthening your physique, avoid seasonal diseases and infectious diseases, and keep your health together!

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